AI HelikonTex Range Polo Shirt Coyote XS

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Color: Coyote Size: XS with embroidered AI logo The Range Polo Shirt® was designed by... mehr
Produktinformationen "AI HelikonTex Range Polo Shirt Coyote XS"

Color: Coyote
Size: XS
with embroidered AI logo

The Range Polo Shirt® was designed by professional shooters to provide maximum performance and versatiliy on the shooting range.


Made from tough yet tactile quick-drying fabric, the shirt has VersaStretch® side panels for protection against wear and tear from gun belt and belt mounted equipment and meshed armpits to keep you cool under pressure.


Sleeve upper arms have roomy zipped storage pockets and Velcro loop panels for speedy personalisation. Sleeve forearms feature concealed pockets from elbow to elasticated wrist to take low profile protective pads.


The Range Polo also features a handy sunglasses loop at the base of the zipped neck and, emblazoned with an Accuracy International logo embroidered above the left breast, is only available from AI Store.

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