Breakthrough - Battle Rope 2.0 with EVA case - .22/.223/5,56

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Produktinformationen "Breakthrough - Battle Rope 2.0 with EVA case - .22/.223/5,56"

Caliber: .22 / .223 / 5.56 mm (Handgun/Rifle)

The Breakthrough® Clean Battle Rope™ 2.0 is the perfect on-the-go cleaning option for those needing a quick and efficient clean on the range. The newly upgraded design includes an integrated flip-out pull handle that doubles as a weight allowing the cable to easily feed through the barrel of your firearm. The integrated bronze brush (one for handgun, two for rifle & shotgun) scrubs away stubborn carbon, while the extra-thick rope wipes up residue for a superior clean.  Easily detach the brass coupling from the flex cable to wash the rope.

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