TAB GEAR Rear Bag Large and Light

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Produktinformationen "TAB GEAR Rear Bag Large and Light"

Size: Large
Fill Type: Light
Color: Multicam

TAB Rear Bags are the extremely versatile because of their rectangular shape that allows three different height variations. Use the flat side, short side, and long side.

Attach the corner loop to a carabiner for easy carry, or use the mil-spec 1" webbing to hang the bag from bipod legs, your hand, or anything that you might need for increased stability.

Choose between our heavy fill for added heft, or our light fill for weight savings. Both fill weights are filled with enough beads to allow easy adjustment with hand pressure.

"Light" and "Heavy" refers to the type of fill that is in the bag, not the amount of fill.

- Made from 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon
- Webbing is all 1" Mil-spec
- Entire bag is triple stitched for added strength.
- Closed cell fill on the inside, nothing to hold water


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