TAB GEAR SAS3 Suppressor Cover

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  • TG-SAS3
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SAS 3:
A fully enclosed tube of protective material with a recoil ridge sewn into ONE end.

Black, Coyote Brown, Kryptek Highlander, Multicam, Multicam Black, OD Green

Designed to prevent mirage from obscuring your site picture after multiple shots. Eliminating mirage is accomplished by the use of insulating materials - your can heats up, but the SAS stays cool. The outer shell of the TAB SAS will not heat up so your equipment and person will not become damaged with accidental or intentional contact. Removal and handling of your can, while inside the TAB SAS, immediately after firing is possible due to the high quality insulating materials used in the construction.

- Sewn with NOMEX Thread
- Water resistant 1000D Cordura® outer shell
- Inner shell Can withstand 1800 degrees Fahrenheit


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