TAB GEAR Long Action Magazine Pouch

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  • TG-MP-LA-B
Color: Black - The mouth of the mag pouch has been reinforced with a very stiff material... mehr
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Color: Black

- The mouth of the mag pouch has been reinforced with a very stiff material inside that helps the pouch maintain it’s shape even when the mag is removed. It’s very easy for the magazine to be reinserted with one hand
- The pouch can be installed on anything that has PALS, or MOLLE webbing
- Each SAMP comes with two Malice Clips for installation
- The SAMP can also be threaded onto a regular belt too
- The SAMP also has PALS loops on the front so pouches can be stacked
- Secure built in “Short Shelf” that won’t fail when using shorter magazines. No more having to insert foam into the bottom of your magazine pouch to keep the magazine from collapsing to the bottom of the pouch
- 1/8” shock cord secures the magazines and is easily adjusted from long mags to short mags


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