TAB GEAR iPad Cover

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Produktinformationen "TAB GEAR iPad Cover"

Color: Kryptek Highlander

- 1000 Denier Cordura with urethane coating on the back and DWR finish on the front of all material.
- Two strips of 1 ½” Velcro on the front to allow customizing with your favorite patches or name tapes.
- Two handles made out of 1” mil-spec webbing for a sure grip on your case.
- Large #10 self healing coil zipper. We’ve also cut the metal zipper pull off the zipper slider and replaced it with a piece of 550 cord knotted at one end. You have a better grip and no metal rattling around.
- The iPad Case has closed cell foam in between the outer and inner layers of material to cushion your iPad and contents.
- There are five different pockets inside, two large pockets and three smaller pockets, to enable the user to organize the iPad Case like they would like it.


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