UNITY Tactical SPARK Marking Light - IR - High/Low/Blink/Off

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  • UT-SPK-IV1
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Produktinformationen "UNITY Tactical SPARK Marking Light - IR - High/Low/Blink/Off"

Color: Infrared

SPARK is a personal identification/marking light in a small footprint. Originally designed for industrial safety applications, SPARK is a practically unnoticeable addition to helmets, plate carriers, chest rigs, or virtually any item requiring illuminated visual identification.

Purposely simple, SPARK’s bright LED is easily activated by pressing its center to cycle between constant-on/blink/off and features a positive click for tactile feedback. SPARK is fully encapsulated in a flexible silicone body, making it water and damage resistant and backed with Velcro for ready placement.

SPARK is perfect for active IFF on helmets, vehicles, K9’s, and other kit. It is affordable enough to be issued by large agencies and units. Disposable with 200+ hour runtime.


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